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The BumbleBee Alliance c.i.c is an organisation that works in true partnership with the local community, the government and corporate businesses to help inspire and educate individuals with the aid of activities and social & educational projects.
An exciting project based in the Former East Kent Coalfields area, involving the local youth clubs, schools and community organisation, with the special participation of the Dover & District Beekeepers Association. The objectives of the project are to promote local food, healthy eating, and the environment. These objectives will be achieved by holding workshops in the field of beekeeping linked to honey production.
A remarkable project involving pupils at the Ashford special school learning about Kent’s fruit and vegetable growing heritage by getting hands-on experience in creating a new garden and orchard. The project, is taking place in six acres of land within the grounds of The Wyvern School. It will enable children to take an active role in the formation of the gardens and orchard, as well as a bee and insect sanctuary which is essential for fruit pollination. The project will involve the children from the school which cater for the needs of pupils with profound, severe and complex learning needs aged 5 to 19. The local community, will be involved in contributing towards the success of the project. Pupils from mainstream schools participate in assisting the project and acquire a better understanding of the needs of the special school’s children.
A fascinating project involving children from the Northwood special school, which is a pupil referral unit for KS3 pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties and is part of KCC Attendance and Behaviour Service. We are keen to guide pupils to understand and experience how different subjects and activities could lead to future employment opportunities for them and the beekeeping project fits in neatly and is connected to healthy lifestyles, outdoor activities and the environment.
Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Over 200 young people from East Kent have benefitted from workshops related to bumblebees and honeybees and have set up a young advisory group. In addition the young people have undertaken surveys of bees as well as learning conservation skills.
Please see the description of our European Union Funded – Erasmus+ project, Let's Study, with access to our recently developed training module. Download project details/a>
Promoting and holding active, lively session on wildlife issues, especially on the decline of species, such as bees, birds, and ladybirds etc. The aim of the programme is to educate our youth about their positive impact toward the natural environment.
The formation or creation of new habitats, the assembling of bird boxes, build new homes for birds.
A delightful ongoing programme for young people, that allows them to express their feelings about the natural world by writing poetry, painting wildlife scenes, and taking photograph.
An opportunity for organisations to contribute towards offsetting their carbon footprint, by purchasing an annual Environmental credit. The monies credited assist us to undertake and offer activities for groups of children. Your annual contribution of £30 will cover the activity costs and materials for three children. On behalf of the children we will send you an EnvironmentPlus Community Chest Certificate.

Supported by Bunker48, over 300 children and young people with profound disabilities and additional educational needs will benefit from a variety of environment related activities during 2011 – 2012 period in the Kent area. The project will help fund a part time specialist worker.
United in Learning was a project for women offering the opportunity to learn all about traditional crafts and skills. Embroidery, needlework, blanket making, glass making, and jewellery making were all offered on a weekly basis. Each participant was offered the opportunity of participating in life skills training and employment and enterprise start up support with the use of Information Technology and ongoing tutorial support.
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